How to use these resources

These information resources can be used for individual learning, sharing with family or friends, or learning groups. They have been written with three groups of people or users in mind:

  1. People who may recently have become Muslim and are at a fairly new stage in their journey
  2. Supporters or mentors of people who have become Muslim as they embark upon learning more about their chosen faith.
  3. Friends, family and colleagues of people who have become Muslim and seek information to help understand, support or guide such individuals

There will of course be many others who may find these resources useful or interesting, for a variety of reasons.

We recommend these resources are used as starters for conversations around real life scenarios and applications that affect each individual concerned. This can be done topic by topic, or by grouping 3 to 4 topics together.

Mentors or supporters can be reassured that these resources provide a reliable and affirming voice that will help bring confidence to recent converts and their immediate circle of family and friends, whilst allowing space for individual expression and understanding.

The material is written in a format that is easy to read and access, and without too much detail or references. In that sense they are seen as a starting point to provide and orientation to that people can find more details information from personal or other online sources.

The resources are based on research conducted through focus groups conducted in different areas of the country, and consultations with individuals who are experienced in supporting or assisting individuals who have become Muslim. An aim of the research was to identify areas concerning the Islamic faith and practical experiences in life that were not normally found in materials that many converts to Islam would come across, or be shown.

Many contributors to this research were converts who had been Muslim for decades, and who felt information provision overlooked many ‘real life’ areas. Another aspect that research revealed was an explanation of more basic topics of the Muslim faith explained in a way that spoke to the family and friends of converts to Islam, and touched on relatable experiences or topics that raised confusion or worry.

We plan to provide sample ‘lesson plans’ as well as workshops to help prepare for sessions in the near future, but if you do have any questions in the meantime, please do get in touch.


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