We campaign to raise awareness about important causes, and work to challenge prejudice wherever we find it. We want to promote greater recognition of the diversity of views in the Islamic tradition and challenge narrow interpretations.

No To Hate

We were awarded a grant from the Mayor of London’s Shared Endeavour Fund to help tackle hate and prejudice in London. We worked with experienced teachers to put together the ‘No Them, Only Us’ programme, a comprehensive training package for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students to enhance their critical thinking skills and boost their resilience to hate.

Our resources tackle topics such as prejudice and stereotypes, fake news and conspiracy theories, radicalisation and grooming by extremists.

Organ Donation in Islam

We are one of NHS Blood and Transplant’s Community Investment Scheme partners, working to encourage more Muslims in Britain to have a conversation about organ donation. A survey in 2019 found that 75% of Muslims had never spoken about organ donation before. We decided to hold events, create videos and build a dedicated website for Muslims to learn more.

Hear it, Challenge it

Jews are the second most targeted religious group for hate crimes in Britain. Our ‘Hear It, Challenge It’ campaign calls on the public to say something and challenge it when they hear or see incidents of prejudice against the Jewish community. This campaign was funded through the Institute of Strategic Dialogue and Google’s Innovation Fund.